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Conquering new markets In times of saturated markets, convincing foreign customers is the best way to achieve long-term growth. The biggest challenge here is the targeted discovery of potential customers and the development of cultural know-how. In particular, the factor of cultural know-how is essential to offer products abroad successfully.

By the following services IB POOL helps you to increase your customer pool:
* provision of cultural know-how
* analysis of potential markets
* research potential customers
* development of a specific market and marketing   strategy
* develop a specific sales strategy
* development, implementation and monitoring of   necessary actions
* advice on legal and fiscal aspects abroad
Investment in the right expertise brings a high yield to each entrepreneur. So we are available for questions related to following issues:

* business for sale
* business acquisition
* business cooperation
* company participation
* business succession
* franchise systems
* corporate finance
* liquidation
The economy depends on given legal framework. Since this can be very complex, we assist our clients in all legal matters.

IB POOL provides services in Germany, Europe and in parts of Asia.

Our company has specialist lawyers in areas such as
* labour legislation
* tax law
* international commercial law and company law
* patent law
Market changes are forcing companies to adapt constantly. Companies that can adapt quickly to new circumstances obtain a competitive advantage. The people factor plays a decisive role. The individual skills and commitment of employees determine whether the quality of your products can be maintained durably.
Through our business portal, we support you in finding experienced staff with industry-specific know-how that knows to deal with the necessary technologies. We also offer training and support you to certify your employees. Thus you can continuously build and show know-how.

The topics are adjusted to the requirements of the participants and include:
* personal and social skills
* leadership and coaching
* personnel management
* marketing
The quality of your products is significantly influenced by the quality of your suppliers. IBPOOL has a wide-reaching global network with thousands of contacts from all sectors. We support you personally searching for suppliers that meet your demands. In this regard, we support you evaluating, selecting and contacting suppliers and advise you on legal, fiscal, organizational and personnel matters.
Investment in technology is of great importance, in order to optimize the key processes in your company in terms of quality, time and costs. But most ideas are not implemented. IBPool supports you implementing your idea and helps you in different stages of your project such as concept development, finding partners and financing.

You also have the option to search on our business portal for industry-specific solutions. We advise you on purchase, transportation and deployment of technologies.